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How is my video stored on a VHS tape

VHS (Video Home System) tapes use an analog method of storing video data. The video signal is recorded onto the tape using magnetic particles, which are aligned in a pattern that represents the video signal.

The video signal is first converted into an analog electrical signal, which is then sent to the recording head of the VCR (Video Cassette Recorder). The recording head is an electromagnet that magnetizes the magnetic particles on the tape to represent the video signal.

The tape is passed over the recording head at a constant speed, and the video signal is recorded onto the tape in a helical pattern. This pattern is then read by the playback head of the VCR when the tape is played back.

When the tape is played back, the magnetic particles on the tape create an electrical signal in the playback head, which is then amplified and sent to a television or other display device. The video signal is decoded and displayed on the screen, allowing the viewer to watch the video that was recorded on the tape.

April 23, 2023

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